Energy Commodity Traders use the Kase StatWare® tradingindicators to make educated trading decisions in energy commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, gasoline, and diesel fuel. The award winning indicator package is available on most top charting platforms like Bloomberg®, CQG®, eSignal™, NinjaTrader®, TradeStation®, and more.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, 26 July, 2018 – Kase StatWare was developed by renowned market technician Cynthia A. Kase, CMT, MFTA. Users of StatWare can execute trades in futures, forex and equity markets through supported trading platforms and be benefited by the color-coded buy/sell triggers and statistically significant stops to better manage trade risk. Kase’s technical analysis trading indicator package is preferred by both professionals and individual traders. StatWare helps traders devise a precise strategy to discretionary trading and trade risk management.

Why energy markets traders prefer using Kase StatWare?

  • These market-timing indicators are smart
  • Uncomplicated, color-coded display fine tunes entries and exits
  • Auto-adjusting momentum indicators does away with the need optimize settings

KaseX Color Coded Symbols Are an Innovative Way Of Trading

When trading energy commodities the ability to identify consistently reliable entry and exit points is one key to success. KaseX uses Kase StatWare’s underlying trade signals to provide traders a simple way of deciphering trade entry and exit signals and manage trade risk. KaseX color coded arrow, symbols, diamonds, and triangles give traders that much needed breathing space to manage trades, allowing them to focus on trade decisions rather than indicator interpretation.

Kase’s Trading Indicators Library Can Be Relied Upon

Kase’stechnical trading indicators use statistically significant and well vetted mathematical formulas to provide a comprehensive picture of what is going on in the market. Various aspects from historical prices, performance of the commodity, and trend strength are displayed in an easy to view display. The Kase indicators can be relied upon to make timely entries and exits and manage trade risk using practical stops that adjust with market volatility.

KaseX Indicators Allow Accelerated Trade Decision Making

Within a short period of using Kase’s self-optimizing indicators users are able to better predict upcoming market trends and accelerate their decision making. Predicting market price and movement is not that easy, however these indicators give you an edge over the traders who don’t use them so that you can make timely and profitable trade decisions.

About Kase and Company Inc.

Kase and Company Inc. provides mathematically sound and vetted trading solutions to the corporate and institutional energy sector. Kase’s technical indicators libraries, Kase StatWare and KaseX, are designed for traders involved in multiple markets.