Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd Offers First-Rate UPS Maintenance Service And More!

Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd ( aims to help various businesses eliminate the hassle of power disruptions by offering energy efficient solutions like uninterruptible power system (UPS) and other relevant products. To be of great assistance to all their clients, this company provides professional UPS maintenance service, ensuring that their systems are functional at all times.

The team at Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd understands that UPS is a useful device during power outages, allowing users to keep their hardware running for a certain period and save important documents. On the other hand, they’re also aware of the fact that regular maintenance is needed to ensure the functionality and longevity of UPS. This is why they take pride in the comprehensive maintenance service they have on offer. According to them, “Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd are committed to ensuring that your UPS systems will operate at peak performance when required thanks to our trained and qualified teams performing regular inspection and testing of your equipment as your needs and budget demand”.

To those who are interested in availing this valuable service, the company would like to inform everyone that the inspection, testing and servicing will be conducted by qualified engineers with minimal interruptions to business operations. Furthermore, the company also offers environmental checks, battery maintenance, all-year-round technical support availability, and full-service documentation, which are all necessary to ensure the efficient performance of UPS.

When getting Riello UPS from Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd, customers won’t just have access to the company’s Riello UPS maintenance service, but also to the installation and impedance testing services. These offers are helpful when it comes to the safe fitting of the system and maximising the UPS battery life. Besides these, the company are also staffed with experts who can deal with other technical tasks like battery system design, site survey, battery and waste disposal, remote monitoring, and so much more.

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There are a lot more things to learn about Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd and their quality products and services. For further details, kindly visit their official website at

About Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd 

Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd is a company that specialises in meeting every mechanical and electrical requirement of their customers through their wide-ranging products and services. From UPS, generators, to transfer systems, they can provide energy efficient solutions suitable for various businesses. They can also conduct installation, repair, maintenance and remote monitoring services upon request. If you want to know more about this company and the things they can help you with, head over to to fill out their contact form. Should you have any questions, you can send them an email at or call 01332 661177 to speak with someone directly.

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