Score A Top-Quality Wooden iPad Holder From Tortl Tablet Shells

Tortl Tablet Shells ( is very pleased to be one of the best wooden iPad holder providers today. With their products’ top-grade features, everyone can guarantee full protection for their precious iPad devices.

This company offers excellent iPad holders that are designed to fit everyone’s gadgets with full security and support. They aim to provide comfort and convenience to Apple iPad users by curating products with detachable rear support, making it easy for customers to bring these holders with them. In addition, Tortl Tablet Shells ensures complete functionality as these iPad holders can be set horizontally for a movie marathon or online surfing, and vertically for calls. Most importantly, these products are also aesthetically pleasing, making the iPad devices look more appealing.

Tortl Tablet Shells’ vision is to deliver simplicity, functionality, and design through its iPad TortMini products. The company invested time in looking for wood farms, fabric warehouses, and metal reserves that will provide them with high-quality materials to use. Their wood iPad case is made of premium cherry wood, giving the products an artistic and sleek appearance as well as luxury finish. Top-grade metals such as the 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum were used, which made the products durable as well as weight saving. These materials enable everyone to possess a case that can keep up with their busy lifestyles with its convenient, fast, and functional features.

Moreover, these iPad holders can stand the test of time and will last for years to come as they are made from vegan leather. This also makes them environmental-friendly since they reduce biodegradability along the way.

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Tortl Tablet Shells takes pride in their team of dedicated professionals composed of artists and aerospace parts crafting technicians. Since its inception, they’ve consistently produced bespoke and tested products. According to this company, “Craftsmanship and quality design is important to our team. We want to ensure that we bring our customers quality, to maximize their satisfaction with our wood iPad holders. For Americans, quality is important”.

To know more about their available products, head over to their official website now at

About Tortl Tablet Shells

Tortl Tablet Shells specializes in making iPad holders out of premium wood and metal shells. Owned by an Armed Services veteran, Lawrence Reed, this company aims to provide full support to all iPad users through their functional and unique products. The company’s name stands for their values, which are thinker, optimism, risible, tenacious, and learn. All of the products are inspired by turtle shells as it provides protection and serves as a homage for iPad gadgets. You can visit the website at for more information. For questions, you can reach the company by calling (757) 356-2964 or sending an email to

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