Airwheel Welcomes a New Arrival in 2017 – R6 Smart Electric Bicycle

Airwheel is a young and diligent enterprise in intelligent travel transport sector. At present, it has several series and R-series is one of them. In recent, Airwheel R-series welcomes a new arrival – R6 smart e bike. Several new functions have been added to R6 and it becomes a brand-new life assistant for people.
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In the field of travel tool and equipment, Airwheel is a young and diligent enterprise. However, it never stops moving forward. On the contrary, it is diligent to innovating and upgrading all the time. All products of Airwheel can be divided into several series and R-series is one of them. In recent, Airwheel R-series welcomes a new arrival and it is called R6 smart electric assist bicycle. On the basis of R3 and R5, R6 has made great progress. The following will explain it in details.

Airwheel R6 electric assist bike

Different from multiple folding system of R3 and R5, Airwheel R6 electric folding bike is equipped with electric scalable system, which realizes one button to extend or contract automatically. The folded figure is 0.2 square meters and thus it can be carried around. For example, it can be stored in car trunk, wall corner or office. In the meantime, R6 is coupled with branded lithium-ion battery that paves the way for long range so as to satisfy various daily commute demands. The adopted energy recovery system is also applied to Tesla car.

R6 smart electric assist bicycle

Usually, the ordinary electric vehicles in the process of brake consume a lot of electricity. Nonetheless, R6 will start the energy recovery system at this moment, which will transform the kinetic energy into electricity for storage and reuse, which is a big breakthrough. Finally, the range is greatly lengthened. Even if the battery is out of power, riders can ride it like traditional bikes, for it offers various riding modes.

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Airwheel R6 electric assist bike has another innovation: trip computer. On the one hand, such a trip computer can help riders to alter freely among three riding modes. On the other hand, it can monitor the real-time data, like speed, mileage, battery, settings and timely fault reminder etc.. Then, riding becomes safe and relaxing. All in all, R6 will be a great assistant in people’s life.

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