DexLab Analytics is launching another power-packed course module – Customer and Marketing Analytics Module to help students learn how to improve customer experience. The course is comprehensive and student-friendly.

PUNE, India – Nov. 13, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — Knowing what customers want is the key towards longstanding engagement and profitability. The customer integration between customers and products has become increasingly intricate, leaving several marketers baffled about how to derive relevant insights. DexLab Analytics addresses this issue like a pro, the seasoned consultants here understands improving customer experience is the end game. Thereupon, they have come out with an intensive Customer & Marketing Analytics using SAS module – to predict how customers’ buying pattern is changing subject to their habits and lifestyle preferences.

The past few months have increasingly witnessed a strong surge in the demand of Customer and Marketing Analytics across the globe, including India. Several big corporate honchos are realizing the potent importance of customers, but for common people the term ‘customer and marketing analytics’ still remains vague and largely unclear. To make this new branch of analytics more popular and easily comprehendible, DexLab Analytics introduced this rigorous course module this month for analytics-interested students.

The methodologies, technologies and enablement that ensures brands derive the necessary customer insights is referred to Customer Analytics in a collective form, whereas the processes and strategies that empowers brands to determine the success of their marketing endeavors through chief business metrics, such as channel attribution and ROI is known as Marketing Analytics. In all of this, data is the meat and potatoes – Analytics is laid on a bed of data, acquired from multiple channels. Data is easily accessible, and most organizations are successful in collecting mounds of informative data about their customers. But the problem lies in integrating accurate data from diverse channels to exude a more comprehensive picture of a customer’s journey. And this is the area where most of the organizations get stuck in.

DexLab Analytics owing to its dedicated endeavors in promoting advanced training in marketing analytics have emerged out as one of the leading data analytics training institutes in the country. Their recent Customer & Marketing Analytics module is another example of their sincere efforts towards taking the realms of data analysis a notch higher. The course itinerary includes an improved set of new-age techniques, such as predictive modeling, data visualization, information management and segmentation to have a better grip on customers. The seasoned faculty members are well-trained to feed you with knowledge on how to read customers’ minds better than yours, while helping you gain expertise and skill in customer segmentation, investment optimization and business performance reviews. All this makes this course module highly desirable and worthy of getting certified at.

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DexLab Analytics is one of the pioneering learning platforms on data analytics and Big Data coaching in India. They offer a wide range of in-demand courses on data analytics with R Programming, SAS and other data visualization tools like Big Data Hadoop as well as Excel. Customer and Marketing Analytics is a new addition to their course list, which is being launched this November.

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