Last month, Crazy For Study came up with a marketing strategy that was more or less a risky gamble– their Textbook Solutions, Questions and Answers services were rendered FREE for customers from all over the world. Even though this was a tipsy gamble and based on uncertainty, the company came out just fine and managed to rock their position up, all through hard work.


Crazy For Study has announced that with the execution of their new subscription strategy which allows users to subscribe to their services for free and avail their free textbook solutions, questions and answers for a month, they have registered a subscription of approximately 15,000 new users, most of whom are likely to stay. The company is ready to make new changes to their website and new strategies and places are undergoing development, revealed the Digital Marketing Manager, Sumit Grover.


Since the company received such a boom in subscribers, they employed methods to understand what the new subscribers liked or what they did not like. Mr. Sumit commented say that, “Most of our Subject Matter Experts are proud of their work, and they should be. With their emphasis on precision and their ability to solve questions with multiple methods rather than one to provide the complete picture, most students absolutely loved it and found it really helpful. However our Digital Marketing team is expanding and working with the marketing team to collect intel and all I can say is we will come out with better terms of engagement for our customers.”


With this feat, there certainly is more to come. Crazy For Study is likely to give tough competition to its contenders in the near future. This is an excellent example and a lesson at the same time, which reveals how the company expands and keeps itself together throughout its expansion and never ending development.

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