PARKER, Colo. – Sept. 9, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — RII Sports Technology announced that it will be displaying live tendencies during Sunday Night Football games throughout the 2017 NFL season as part of a series of live demonstrations of their latest technology, INSIGHT. This Sunday night (9/10/2017) will feature a live, real-time display of the Offensive Tendencies of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

“The power of INSIGHT is in the real-time delivery of this information,” says Tom Woods, RII Sports Technology’s founder. “As game situations unfold during a live game, tendencies can be seen in less than 2 to 3 seconds – giving coaches a distinct competitive advantage by understanding what their opponent is likely to do next.”

INSIGHT is a cloud-based application that allows football coaches to view an opponent’s tendencies in real-time during live games. Coaches typically break down film of their opponent’s last 4-6 games looking for tendencies and indicators that could tip off what a team is planning to do in different game situations. RII Sports Technologyscans this film breakdown information to expose thousands of high-probability tendencies, then packages these findings into the INSIGHT application making it possible to instantly access this information in real-time.

The INSIGHT demonstration is open to any that are interested. No sign up or fee is required. It will be aired live during Sunday Night Football games each week during the NFL season. To view the demonstration and track Dallas and New York’s offensive tendencies in real-time, go to from any computer or mobile device at any point prior to or during the game.

RII Sports Technology is conducting live demonstrations of this technology for football coaches and interested parties throughout the 2017 NFL Season during Sunday Night Football games. “Sunday Night Football provides us with a nationally broadcast, live game to demonstrate this technology with. As powerful as this technology is, it is available to any coaching staff – from the smallest high school programs to professional teams and everyone in between,” says Woods. A team of former college football coaches breaks down film of a team’s offensive and defensive performance over their past 4-6 games – collecting data related to their tendencies to Run or Pass, Run Schemes & Locations, Pass Types & Routes, Targeted Players, Defensive Fronts, Blitzes and Coverages. “As the game unfolds on Sunday night, Dallas & New York’s offensive tendencies will be instantly displayed on our INSIGHT web page – in the same way any football coach would be able to experience accessing the tendencies found in their own film data. A coach can be doing next Friday night exactly what he’s seeing happen during Sunday Night Football,” says Woods.

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Tom Woods

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