Creative Freedom Ltd: Helping You Get The Custom Icons You Need

Creative Freedom Ltd ( is proud to extend their outstanding bespoke services on illustrating custom icons to interested customers. They guarantee that the icons they create are not just designed intelligently, but are also crisp and pixel perfect.

Creative Freedom Ltd specialises in customising icon designs for various software, apps, websites, and even user interfaces. This team of expert designers can create unique and high-quality sets of icons for those who would like to improve their platform.  According to Adam Parrish, the Creative Director of Creative Freedom Ltd, “Whether you want icon material design, iOS icon design or anything in between, just ask. There’s nothing we can’t handle.” With their vast experience from having worked on numerous icon projects, these experts can simplify complicated icons such as those for CAD or CAM software.

Designing icons for every platform and devices, this company can create UI (User Interface) icons which serve as a visual enhancement for mobile apps under different operating systems or devices. Similar to UI icons, this team of experienced designers can also customise icons to create better branding for apps. On the other hand, they also make quality icons for websites as visual cues for navigating, as well as a replacement for stock imagery.

In addition, Creative Freedom Ltd can deliver custom icons in different sizes and formats such as PNG, BMP, JPEG and more. Still, the company highly recommends using the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format on the icons to all clients. This format is perfect for those who are looking to have icons with better scaling features, smaller file size and are flexible.

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Creative Freedom Ltd also takes pride in the process of their icon development. After briefly discussing the style and concepts with the clients, their icon design experts will start working on the custom icons. These experts will not stop until a final style concept is agreed at and applied to all icons.

For those interested in having icons customised, Creative Freedom Ltd offers their designing services at competitive prices. For more information about their rates and the range of icons they can work on, visit their official website at

About Creative Freedom Ltd:

Creative Freedom Ltd is a team consisted of talented and dedicated icon design experts who have worked with global companies in creating various custom icons. They have worked on hundreds of icon projects, and have proven their excellence in icon customisation over the years. No matter how large or small the project is, this team can deliver the same high quality and value of service, without compromising creativity and resources. To discover more about this company and see their sample works, visit For additional enquiries, or to get a quote, send an email to

Annie Clark
Annie Clark
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