CBD Giant (https://cbdgiant.co.uk/), one of the biggest online CBD retailers, makes it a point to offer the lowest online prices for those who opt to buy CBD oil products. The company mainly takes pride in its range of CBD oil droppers, and CBD pet products from quality assured suppliers.

CBD Giant makes sure that each customer will also make an informed choice. This is why they would like to inform everyone that while their products contain CBD, rest assured that they don’t give a high effect and are not intoxicating as well. This is guaranteed since the products they have on offer contain less than 0.2% of THC, which is the compound that gives a high.

The company further ensure that its products are acquired from brands that meet strict quality and testing standards. As such, customers can have the peace of mind that every product they will purchase is safe and high-quality.

CBD Giant is happy to offer a variety of oil tinctures, which are available in different strengths and flavours. Among their popular flavoured droppers are the CBDfx Lychee Lemon Kiwi 30ml CBD Tincture Oil, which is perfect for those who love citrus and rosewater flavour, and the CBDfx Lemon Lime Mint 30ml CBD Tincture Oil, which has unique citrus and mint flavour.

Both products are available in three concentrations: 500mh, 1000mg, and 1500mg. The best part is, they don’t just give great taste but are also high in nutrients since they contain organically grown CBD. The ingredients include CBD Rich Hemp oil, MCT oil, and organic natural flavours.

Aside from that, CBD Giant also takes pride in their CBD pet products perfect for those who want to pamper their dogs. They have choices for small, medium and large breeds that still offer the same great taste and health benefits as the human options. These pet oil products contain CO2 extracted CBD and are rich in amino acids, cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenes.

Besides oil droppers, CBD Giant offers other products such as gummies and capsules, vape liquids, skincare products, and CBD infused cordials, soft drinks and shots. To find out more about their range of products and CBD itself, just head out to their official online site at https://cbdgiant.co.uk/.

About CBD Giant

Considered to be the No. 1 CBD shop in the UK since 2017, CBD Giant guarantees everyone that the products they have on offer are acquired from quality assured brands. Their hemp-infused products are available in various categories including oil droppers, vape liquids, capsule supplements and more. If you want to contact this shop, you can send your written queries to hello@cbdgiant.co.uk. Or, you can just go to https://cbdgiant.co.uk/pages/contact-us and fill out the contact form.