For today’s advanced threats faced by cyber users, Cyber Defense Group (CDG) is a focused cyber security specialist that provides maximum defense using exceptional knowledge. CDG is the trusted security advisor to many leading organizations across the globe, working with their clients to deliver a holistic approach to cyber security. Incident response in Los Angeles is the forte of Cyber Defense Group.

With skill requirements the team at CDG resolves many complex issues that demand due consideration, including reporting and escalation, preservation of evidence, forensics and investigations, preventing recurrence, and reconstitution of damaged systems, including resumption of operations.

Individuals assigned roles in incident response at CDG are familiar with their duties and regularly exercise the procedures to assure familiarity and to ensure the procedures are fit for purpose. It is usually appropriate to produce procedures for each type of incident, as the response activities can vary greatly based on the specific incident being experienced. Maintaining familiarity with attack methodologies, the threats that initiate the attacks, the vulnerabilities they exploit, and their targets are all important in preparing to respond to an attack.

If you need help with Ransomware Cyber Defense Group is your partner. CDG has handled incidents for organizations of all sizes, against adversaries ranging from nation-states to “script kiddies”. They provide a team of world-class experts who can quickly identify the scope of the response and determine a plan to recover your environment as quickly as possible.

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement at CDG’s Incident Response Services is designed to help organizations prepare with an appropriate plan, and respond with the help of top-notch industry professionals.

“CISOs are hard to come by and expensive; the vCISO model works very well for our needs. CDG essentially provides us with high-level managed security services which can scale with our business.” says CTO – Web Application Tech Startup.


CDG is a leading provider of cyber security solutions that enable organizations to implement an active, analytics-driven approach to cyber security. They are focused information security specialist that partner with clients to deliver a holistic approach to cyber security. For cyber security threats CDG specializes in providing the ultimate cyber security solutions in order to prevent devastating types of attacks to your system and facilitate safe web browsing.