San Jose, California, August 26, 2019:  Imagine you are told all its been taken care of for a five-day trip to visit textile workshops and seeing first-hand the making of Mayan embroideries. Other craft-lovers will join you on the adventure, and you´ll get to explore the villages on the highlands of Southern Mexico and meet the artisans.


That´s what Crafteros.Global is offering as part of its Mayan Textiles Tours of Chiapas, scheduled to run from October 12 thru14th. ¨This is a curated experience where we´ll see ancient techniques such as the use of backstrap looms, Mayan wool spinning and heddle brocade making, said Alba Leal, founder of Crafteros.Global. ¨All you have to do is arrive in Mexico City, and we will take care of the rest; transportation, lodging, translations, and shopping companions¨, added the long-time beader and cultural ambassador.


Since the San Cristobal de las Casas area in Chiapas is a world-renowned source of Amber, the tour includes a visit to its Amber Museum. A stop in the Mesoamerican Jade Museum is also scheduled, along with other exciting activities. Leal added that she is particularly interested in sharing the way craft cooperatives are organized and the impact Fair Trade has on the community.


The tour has a maximum of 10 participants and its filling up quickly.

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Crafteros.Global is an online platform that guides people through the process of finding the creative expression they enjoy the most so they can have a more balanced and enriched life. Other tours to places like Delph, Bogota, Michoacán, and Naples will take place in 2020.