British Actress Makes Her Mark In Hollywood!

Janine Gateland stuns audiences as she hits the film festival circuit with her latest movie!

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Nov. 6, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — Movie actress Janine Gateland walks the red carpet for her film premiere ‘F***, Marry, Kill’ at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Hermosa Beach.

Staring alongside Timothy Carhart (Ghost Busters, Thelma & Louise) and legendary Lorna Scott (Wanted) and Paul Duke (Sin City Saints, Extraction and Scorpion). Directed by Scott Donovan (Black Cobra with Lionsgate).

“The thriller follows three sisters travelling through the Mojave Desert on their way to their brothers wedding. A sinister turn of events leads them to a twisted, maddening town where a psychotic, cult-like community kidnaps women and forces them to marry, procreate or be sacrificed. These residents seem hell-bent on making it their final destination.”

Janine played the leading role ‘Tiffany Forbes’. A feisty character that tries to keep her sisters safe when things don’t go to plan.

The premiere had a great turn out and Janine’s performance was exceptional and very well received.

Janine’s next role will be treading the boards in the play ‘Turn off the lights’. She will perform in the starring role as Samantha, a lawyer who tries to protect her family when her father is in danger.

Shire Productions are also pleased to have her on board for the lead ‘Jenny’, in the upcoming TV series, ‘Northsiders’, slated for production later this year. The series follows a group of bizarre dysfunctional adults who must co-exist in Chicago.

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