Gertrude Fashions ( is pleased to offer high-end Joseph Ribkoff jackets to women from all around the world. With their wide selection of elegant and stylish jackets to choose from, they have become the go-to shop for clothes that suit all kinds of purposes and preferences.

These luxury jackets come in different sizes, patterns, and bright colours, making it easier for clients to choose the best one for them. One of their available products is Joseph Ribkoff Jacket Style that features flower patterns and multiple vivid colours. On the other hand, monotone colours are showcased for their Joseph Ribkoff Black/Off White Jacket Style. It has a round collar and perfects to go with dark-coloured trousers. Furthermore, they also sell jackets with simple yet sophisticated styles like the Joseph Ribkoff Midnight Blue Jacket. This jacket is easy to pair up with most colours and perfect for almost any occasion.

Gertrude Fashions also provides clothes from other various brands like Frank Lyman, Robell, Passioni, Marble, Eugen Klein, and a whole lot more. Each brand offers a distinct creative look which can impress and catch the eye of onlookers. And aside from jackets, this shop also have tops, skirts, dresses, coats, and more. One of their available dresses from Frank Lyman is a sleeveless Black/Ivory Dress Style. With its round neckline and three lines of mesh that reveals the skin, it creates a subtle sexy look for the wearer. They also have the Tia Navy/White Tunic Style, a black-and-white patterned, chic top with a round neckline and slit sleeves, which is a gorgeous style for formal events.

Aside from clothing, Gertrude Fashions also have various handbags and accessories to complement their outfits. For instance, their affordable Bagitali handbags are durable and made of pure leather. Stylish and spacious, these bags are functional without sacrificing its fashionable look. Other accessories include Franchetti Bond Fur Brown Poncho style made with real rabbit fur, as well as Jayley wrap styles available in various colours with pom-poms attached. These are perfect for layered clothing and great additions to wardrobe collections.

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About Gertrude Fashions

Gertrude Fashions commits itself to provide stylish and branded outfits and accessories for women across the globe. Established in 1975, this fashion company has sold various labels, focusing on more mature and elegant brands. Some of these include Joseph Ribkoff, Robell, Basler, Frank Lyman, Doris Streich, Oakwood, Caroline Biss, and many more. In whatever product they sell, this store always aims to deliver the highest quality of clothing and service to all of its customers. Interested parties may contact Gertrude Fashions in many different ways. For written enquiries, send them an email at Alternatively, clients can call them via 02078346933. For more details, visit