AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, MAY 8 – BOXY, the world’s first and only theme-based baby hampers, offers a refreshing change to a traditional industry. Its unique approach to newborn clothing and toys aims to challenge the status quo, and drive change by breaking gender stereotypes early.

BOXY is designed to solve the gap in creative newborn gifts, and today officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

With the launch of the BOXY items that are made to be stylish, original and comfortable, and with honest values such as 100% fair trade and certified materials only, they are ideal for the modern-day parent.

“No parent is waiting to be gifted yet another identical pink or blue hamper,” said Micky Chen, founder of BOXY. “We move away from the gender stereotype by focusing on popular themes such as food and travel, and make each theme relatable to parents and the items comfortable to babies.”

BOXYs come in 5 fun themes including food, travel, Millennial generation, French, and eco-friendly. Each hamper comes with six essentials for any newborn and make the perfect thoughtful (and thoughtfully made) gift.

Each BOXY also features a viscose bamboo blanket which comes with a range of benefits including being antibacterial, temperature regulating, moisture absorbing, hypoallergenic and ultrasoft and silky.

“I’ve always found it a pain to find gifts for my expecting friends. I looked at 350+ hampers and found each equally unappealing,” said Micky. “I knew there had to be a better way so I designed clothing that would make people smile rather than it forcing kids into gender stereotypes. We often don’t realize this as it’s so subtle, but limiting clothes and toys also limits a child’s imagination. It’s keeping a boy from pretending he’s a nurse, or a girl from imagining she’s an astronaut. With BOXY, we want to give every baby the chance to grow up in a world free of gendered expectations, and a world in which business and foundation go hand in hand.”

Building a different kind of company, BOXY was founded to not only create great products, but also to have a positive impact on the world. BOXY’s founder was born in Nepal and raised in the Netherlands, and considers herself lucky to have grown up in the west. “With BOXY, I want to show the hundreds of thousands of children and women in Nepal living in poverty that they too can live a better life, and I pledge to offer them that chance. Giving back is part of our DNA,” said Micky. BOXY reinvests part of the revenue into their personal and professional development, and provide them with the resources that will allow them to break through the poverty cycle. “Every child deserve a childhood, and to dream big dreams,” said Micky, “We just need to collectively help them reach for the stars.”

BOXYs are available in 5 themes and customers will have their choice of pre- ordering from May 7th –June 6th. The hampers offered by BOXY are worth 75 euro and during their Kickstarter campaign the boxes can be pre-ordered at 55 euro or less depending on units bought.

For more information visit BOXY on Kickstarter or at

About BOXY

BOXY is a Dutch startup focused on developing creative newborn products, founded by an ex-IBM and ex-Salesforce employee who left the corporate tech world to focus on building her own ecommerce brand. BOXY aims to fill the void of theme-based hampers and instills honest values in everything the company does, from production to packaging to giving back.