Crash Bang Wallop Crash Repair Ltd ( is proud to present their car repair services to everyone. They understand how hard it is to be caught in an accident, and that’s why they make their services simple enough which can be availed even through insurance.

This car body repair Cardiff shop specialises in dealing with all levels of damages in a vehicle following a collision, from simple scratches to huge cracks. They use a specialist crack repair system, where they fix virtually any form of plastic by utilising the latest technologies. They also offer alloy wheel refurbishments in any colour, which lasts for 1-2 days.

Crash Bang Wallop Crash Repair Ltd also offers a touch-up repair service. This is ideal for those who want to hide scrapes and scratches in their vehicle to restore its former beauty and increase its value. A touch-up repair service is quite a cheap process, making it an efficient alternative to spraying. All paint work is cured in their new spray booth.

Interested parties can easily get free quotations from this car body repair Cardiff shop just by sending photos of the damaged parts of the vehicle along with active contact information. Afterwards, a meeting will be arranged so professional repairers can come and inspect the vehicle properly. Crash Bang Wallop Crash Repair Ltd boasts quotations that beat most realistic quotations right now without lowering the standard of their work.

If the car repair service has been availed through insurance, Crash Bang Wallop Crash Repair Ltd will even shoulder the excess. According to them, “We will pay a maximum of £350 towards the excess, leaving only the insurance company to pay the remainder.

Your excess is a fixed amount that you must pay, if you damage your car, and want to use your insurance”.

On top of these, Crash Bang Wallop Crash Repair Ltd also offers courtesy and hire cars. Customers simply need to call or send an email to this repair shop to access the options for this service while the vehicle is being repaired.

To learn more about their car repair services, head over to their website at

About Crash Bang Wallop Crash Repair Ltd

Crash Bang Wallop Crash Repair Ltd is one of the leading providers of comprehensive car repair services in the United Kingdom. Their wide experience in this industry allows them to repair all kinds, makes, and models of cars. They also pride themselves in having an approachable customer support team, competitive rates, and a straightforward service which can be availed through insurance. If you are interested in their offers, you can get in touch with them by calling 02920 369963. Alternatively, you can send your written queries and suggestions to For more information, visit