Colleges and universities are in a period of great opportunity and great challenge. To meet these opportunities and challenges most of the erp software systems are one time investments for the organization, and each college and university that hopes to grow in the field of education will find the platform a captivating and helpful one. Setting up students and classes is very easy and you can be off and running in no time at all. Tracking is entirely web-based so you can enter data from anywhere you can access the internet!

Education erp system is an integrator of comprehensive technology-based products and services for the learning organization.

An Attendance-Online Management System is a biometric application that gathers attendance information via fingerprint and retina scan. The same info is uploaded on the Attendance-Online portal for so that even parents can see. With the arrival of this contemporary hi-tech guardian, proxy presence would soon be a matter of time. Parents can have precise information and admittance to their students attendance, performance in class, test scores and much more.

This online college management system goes outside collecting attendance data. The gateway is the gateway to apply for leaves. Parents can monitor their children’s leaves with complete info about leave date and reason. Students can also make use of the portal. They can provide their feedback on the faculty, quality of teaching, hostel facilities, food and other areas of concern. Course details, time table, grades, attendance data can be accessible on this portal for the benefit of the students. Teachers can provide their valuable feedback on their students which again can be viewed by the parents.

This helps in a complete and focused campus management that helps parents immensely to keep a track not only their children’s attendance but also on their test scores, performance feedback, and other information. The portal makes it easy for the teachers to keep a tab on current grades, attendance, course content etc. The portal provides a common platform for students, teachers, and parents for more transparency in education system and its management. The portal would provide detailed information about the college, its admission procedure, important dates, and other important features. No outsider can access the information on the portal other than valid students, teachers, and guardians. Access would be provided to every individual with a unique login id.

The use of a right time attendance software/ attendance management system can save your time a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations. Save efforts, save time and thus Save money with a robust online Time Attendance Software


  •           Web based software allowing anytime anywhere access.
  •           Implement comprehensive time sheet easily and quickly.
  •           Easy calculations.
  •           Define Multiple Time rules
  •           Manage holiday easily.
  •           Keep a track of absence or vacation.
  •           Integration with different biometric devices

Conclusion: Refining any educational system through attendance online software in order to recover its standards as well as raising the standards for academic excellence means every department and person must be correctly skilled and have abilities to cope with the academic centers

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