Apnatoronto (https://www.apnatoronto.com/) is pleased to offer their free Canadian citizenship test practice to everyone. They have been delivering comprehensive practice tests to aspiring Canadian citizens since 2006, allowing test takers to prepare well and pass the actual exam easily.

The practice test consists of 10 different sections with 25 questions each, varying from citizenship responsibilities, levels of governments, to names of important and influential Canadians. The questions are categorized into different difficulty levels, with most of them focused entirely on Toronto. This can give clients an idea 1of which topics they need to review more. The practice test is also updated in 2019 according to the new study guide “Discover Canada”. Clients are also given an option to try the practice test in audio format.

In addition, Apnatoronto offers a free preparation course to help clients get ready and learn more about Canada. Composed of 10 modules with 81 lessons and 370 questions, this course is focused on gaining more knowledge about Canada, particularly its values, traditions, and history. Aside from questions themselves, also included in this course are engaging audio, video, notes, and animation.

Apart from these, Apnatoronto also offers driver’s licence practice quizzes in Ontario, Canada. From rules and signs to commercial licences, these practice tests cover all of the relevant information about driving. One of their available tests is the G1 Practice Test, which is a free and easy to understand quiz for newbie drivers. There is also the M1 Test for motorcyclists, with 240 questions covering safe driving practices and the correct way on how to ride a motorcycle. Lastly, their Truck Driver Licence Test for clients who want to get a Class A licence for their trucking careers. According to them, “Class A licence holder is allowed to drive any tractor-trailer combination May also drive vehicle in class D and G. A “Z” air brake endorsement is required on a driver’s licence to operate any air brake equipped motor vehicle”. In addition to practice test, the company provides useful animated videos and flashcards about traffic signs for a more in-depth learning.

To know more about Apnatoronto and their offers, go to their official website at https://www.apnatoronto.com/.

About Apnatoronto

Apnatoronto is committed to providing comprehensive practice exams to help increase their clients’ chances of passing the Canadian citizenship, G1, M1, and truck driver licence tests. Aside from these, they also have an assistive blog, which features the most relevant and up to date information regarding driving. They make it a point to continuously improve their services by maintaining an impressive success ratio. For those who are interested in availing of their services, there are many ways to contact Apnatoronto. For written enquiries, send them an email at info@apnatoronto.com or fill out their contact form at https://www.apnatoronto.com/contact-us. Alternatively, call them via 9058122718.