Angelina Jolie is moving on up as she attended the National Board of Review gala with 33% of her family on Tuesday night.

The actress continued to wear black, after sporting the shade in honour of the #TimesUp campaign first championed in all its glory at Sunday’s Golden Globes, as she posed two of her six children, daughters Shiloh and Zahara, on the red carpet – Shiloh’s broken arm still in a sling, after the 11-year-old recently broke it snowboarding.

The threesome were all smiles as they attended the event alongside stars such as Robert De Niro, Greta Gerwig and John Ridley, as the gathering celebrated the likes of Tom Hanks, Jordan Peele and Meryl Streep.

Angelina Jolie

Obviously on some sort of ceremony rota, Angelina had taken son Pax as her date to the Globes.

Now back over to the east coast, Oscar winner Ange, 42, took to the podium at the awards held at Manhattan’s Cipriani 42, to share the Freedom of Expression award for the movie she directed, First They Killed My Father.

During her speech she touched on the Cambodian genocide – the subject of her film – and also nodded to the situation of the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

She also added her thoughts on why she believes artists and journalists are often targeted by corrupt regimes,.

‘It is because the free sharing of ideas and information is how we hold power accountable to the people,’ she said.

In high spirits, she seemed to be moving on from that-time-when she blanked Jennifer Aniston on Sunday eve, as her former ‘love rival’ took to the podium to present an award at The Beverly Hilton.

The ceremony was the first time we’d seen Angelina and Jen come together in the same frame, after the infamous time in 2005 when Brad Pitt left Jen and took up with Ange and had about 43 children.

And true to the prophesy, it was awkward AF, as actress Dakota Johnson gave Angelina the side eye as Ange proceeded to look down and ignore Jen who was on stage with Carol Burnett. We don’t know, maybe she’s got something against Carol Burnett…