6 Reasons to Choose Custom Software Application Development Solutions for your Business

In present market place, software plays critical role for your business success and it is becoming essential part of day to day operation. Software helps you reduce your operational cost and increase the accuracy of your processes. But one critical point comes when you want to implement new software for your business, which is should you go with custom made software or should buy ready-made software (SAAS or License). Deciding whether or not your business would benefit from hiring developers to create custom software packages.

Below six reasons will help you to resolve your concerns and give your idea why you should go with custom software development only:

1. Designed based on your needs:

It is tailor-made by developers whom you have hired to your specifications after understanding your requirements in details. It will address each of your concerns in most effective way with 100% guarantee. 90% times when businesses buys license software from a software vendor after week or 2 they discover that it is simply not suitable for their business.

2. Expandable:

Custom software are build based on your needs and entire code is with you which makes it easy to modify and expand. During development also developers will keep clear provision for future needs when you grow. Whereas, license software are designed to serve generic needs and will be always hard to customise. Also most of the time when you need any additional feature to match your requirements you need to pay heavy price for it with no surety that the feature will work as per your needs.

3. Secure:

Custom software development will be always secure and there are less chances that anyone can hack it. This will help you to protect your business from external threats. 95% hacking attempts performed on business is because hackers exploiting known software vulnerabilities in commonly-used software. Custom software will be a much less attractive target for hackers as it will require comparatively much more effort to learn how to breach the system.

4.  Flexible:

As it is developed based on your requirements and after understanding all your processes along with present solutions which you are using, custom application will be easily adopted in your environment and will have integrations with all existing applications which you are using. When you are buying any License version of application it can be integrated with only few of the solution and for each new integration there will be add-on cost.

5. No dependency:

In custom application development, you develop solution once and use it as long as you want. You don’t require to depend on any other company. You have code so when you want to add new things add it with existing company from whom you got it developed or hire new people and give them code. In License application if the company who had developed it, closes the business, it will directly affects you and you will be in losses.

6. Less expansive:

In custom application development you just need to pay one time development cost and then you just need to maintain it. In license cost you need to pay license cost, customization cost and also ongoing monthly charges and maintenance cost.

Custom software can certainly be the right choice for your business. It offers you several benefits over license software such as, scalability, usability, cost, flexibility, security, maintenance, business success and many more. In license software you are never sure about what it will do and how? Also one basic thing License software are developed based on generic needs only and your business will have specific needs which will never be satisfied with it. It is always better to go with custom application development to assure success for your business and save time along with cost which you might incur by going with licensed application.