2 Real continues to stay in the frontline of hip hop music environment. Global music fans, will encounter the hypnotic tracks of this grand label on SoundCloud.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Sept. 7, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — 2 Real is an emerging artist on SoundCloud with his impressive hip hop songs which are strikingly charming. They are alluring and classy in their own varied style. 2 Real has added some of the notion of reality since hip hop mainly consisted of issues of real world. It also has an amazing influence on society. 2 Real has also collaborated with another producer naming HeavyKev. He works under the label Harmful Records and he is a mixing engineer plus multitalented musician. He is hitting the dance floors with his nice music. You will become his immediate fan once you hear to his magical music creation.

The songs that you will love to hear from the great artist are “Mo Drugs”, “Tokyo Drift”, “Trap Is”, “Poppin” and many more. You will find all of this song on SoundCloud.SoundClouddeserves credit to popularize hip hop and rap music. Here many artists come with their unique kind of song creation. 2 Real has catered huge number of people to his profile and is already a successful name. His song masters in crazy rhythmic flow, encouraging hooks and flairs of rap.

Since rapping is an important part of hip hop 2 Real has nicely utilized it. Variations, versatile voice, bridges and breakdowns – all are finely enclosed within the tracks. He is moving with pace and leaving no way out to reach the people with his awesome music artistry. The significant bass line adds an awesome effect to the songs. Every songs opens in a different way with the hard hitting from the drums or other special musical instruments. The megalomaniac figure has touched the chord of many hearts and his songs are running successfully on SoundCloud. If you want to get in touch with the label and his songs you must head towards SoundCloud.

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