Spring Spa Wear: The Finest Source of Work Uniforms

GOLD COAST, Australia - Nov. 8, 2017 - ANEWSWIRE -- Spring Spa Wear is an Australian company providing high quality work uniforms for various sectors. It is the market leader in the manufacture and...
morganite-wedding ring

Why Choosing a Rose Gold Morganite Engagement Rings?

Medium medium to light pink, clean gemstones with custom cuts will be the best. Very light and incorporated gemstones are saved to the reduced finish in the value spectrum. As morganite frequently occur in...

BHC Press and Sara Daniell Announce Multi-book Publishing Deal

NEW YORK - Sept. 14, 2017 - ANEWSWIRE -- Meet Princess Jenkins, founder, chief visionary, speaker and marketing strategist for Harlem's Crown Jewel, The Brownstone (www.thebrownstonewoman.com). Jenkins has been dressing full-figured women for the...

DKLTJU Enthralls at New York Fashion Week, Taking Children’s Wear to Exciting New Vistas

NEW YORK, September 13, 2017 (ANEWSWIRE) - ​​​As one of the big four, the New York Fashion Week garners global attention as designers clamor to showcase their collections on its hallowed catwalks. Among Chinese designer...

Ascensus Appoints New Regional Vice President

DRESHER, Pa. - Sept. 12, 2017 - ANEWSWIRE -- Ascensus, a technology-enabled solutions provider that helps more than 7 million Americans save for the future,announced that it has appointed Curt Joyner as regional vice...

LinenMe Launches New Collection of Eco-Conscious Linen Clothing & Sleepwear

Discover the natural beauty of linen clothing and sleepwear with Lithuanian designer, Inga Lukauskiene and online store LinenMe.com. Described as one of the most 'optimal materials' available, flax linen is an eco-conscious choice that,...